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  • New project commissioning successfully

    New project commissioning successfully

    Our new MB-60 mobile batching plant was commissioning successfully on customer construction site in April 12, 2023. This high standard batching plant was customized specially by customer. Mixer is SICOMA MEO750, SICOMA screw conveyor, the gearbox is outside type that can easy maintenance if have ...
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  • Classification of concrete batching plant

    Classification of concrete batching plant

    Classification of concrete batching plant:  1. Classification according to the mixing plant structure: Concrete mixing stations are divided into fixed mixing stations and mobile mixing station. At present, modular and easy splicing design is also adopted in most fixed mixing stations, which are...
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  • On September10th, 1 unit self loading mixer MK4.0 and four unit diesel engine drum mixer were loaded successfully in our workshop.

    On September10th, 1 unit self loading mixer MK4.0 and four unit diesel engine drum mixer were loaded successfully in our workshop.

    Here are characteristics for MK4.0 Drum capacity 5.5m³ Concrete output 4m³。 Loading ratio 76% Rotary drum Discharge mouth height 1.8 meters.Level turn 290 ° (options) Production capacity 4 batches in an hour.16 cubic meters per hour ENGINE Yuchai YC4A125Z, d...
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  • Concrete mixing pump delivery

    Concrete mixing pump delivery

    This month one unit concrete mixing pump delivered to customer, here we introduce features of this pump. Main features of concrete mixing trailer pump: 1. With walking wheel, the guide wheel can turn 360 degrees, which is convenient and flexible for movement and positi...
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  • Mixing plant workflow steps

    Mixing plant workflow steps

      Batching plant workflow steps: 1. After the mixer control system is powered on, enter the operation interface of man-machine dialogue. 2. The system performs initialization processing, including formula number, concrete grade, slump, production volume, etc. 3. Detect each bin and metering...
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  • Two ways to improve cement pipe making

    Two ways to improve cement pipe making

    Ways to improve the efficiency of cement pipe making machine: First, the influence of materials: the amount and quality of cement have a crucial effect. The strength and durability of the cement pipe can be increased by proper use of cement dosage during batching. However, excessive cement will ...
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  • Refractory planetary mixer

    Refractory planetary mixer

    The planetary mixer has stable operation and high efficiency, which meets the high requirements of material mixing production in the refractory industry. The unique planetary mixing technology enables better mixing of refractory materials, reduces mixing time, improves mixing advantages, and p...
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  • Portable batching plant installed in Philippine

    Portable batching plant installed in Philippine

    On 6-13th-2022 one set 60m3 portable concrete mixing plant was installed successfully in Philippine . The commissioning and debagging was done successfully.  The advantages of mobile concrete batching plant:  1. The structure of the mobile mixing plant is compact, and almost all processes of co...
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  • Mobile horizontal cement silo

    Mobile horizontal cement silo

      The horizontal cement silo, like the ordinary column type cement tanks, has 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons and other cement tanks, and can be provided with a double-layer design scheme, which can be designed according to the needs of customers. Horizont...
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  • MP1500 mixer install

    MP1500 mixer install

    Congrats! Client received one unit planetary mixer with two discharged gate customized and installed successfully in his workshop today. Last month we overcome shipping line and container shortage, loaded goods and shipped fast for client. Client is satisfy the goods and...
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  • Two units pan mixer shipped to customer

    Two units pan mixer shipped to customer

    In May of this year we have delivered two units 4m3 pan mixer for customer. This mixer used skip hopper and belt conveyor for feeding and discharging fertilizer mixing, we make the mixer customized by customer’s special request. Here are the characteristics of fertilizer pan mixer: MP series...
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  • Self loading concrete mixer shipment

    Self loading concrete mixer shipment

    In April 2nd, 2022 one unit self loading concrete mixing car loaded and shipped to customer successfully. There are some features advantages for this products: Consists of mixer:Class II chassis, transmission system, hydraulic system, frame, mixing tank, feeding and discharging device, water su...
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